2011 - BA Cultural and Social Science

Graduated from The Department of Humanities at the University of Oslo, Norway

Grade: No average grades issued by the university


  • Frilles√łnn med helgenkongefar – Arven etter Olav den Hellige [The Son of a Leman with a Saint King as Father – The inheritance of Saint Olav]

Investigating the saga literature’s descriptions of differences and similarities between Olav the Holy and Magnus the Good. Touching upon the expectations and demands that followed from being the son of a Saint. Did he follow in his fathers footsteps and did he live up to society’s expectations?


The thesis investigates thoughts and ideas in four sagas (The saga of St. Olav, The saga of Magnus the Good, The saga of Harald Hardrada, and Morkinskinna), conserning itself not whith what may be historically correct, but rather what the situation was portrayed to appear like.


  • American Civilisation
  • American Literature
  • British Civilisation
  • British Literature
  • English Grammar
  • English Phonetics and Intonation
  • Examen Paedagogicum
  • Examen Philosophicum
  • From Viking to The White Christ – Norwegian Political Culture ca. 750-1300
  • International Military Operations
  • Neighbourhood Bully – The Great Powers and the Middle East since 1945
  • Norwegian History (old and new)
  • Social- and Personality Psychology
  • Political Theory
  • Saint Culture in Norway and on Iceland ca. 1100-1300
  • Shakespeare
  • World History (old and new)