2019 - MSc International Disaster Management

Graduated with honours from The Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute at the University of Manchester, UK

Grade: 2.1 (B)


  • Investigating Attitudes Towards Household Preparedness Storage in two Norwegian Municipalities

In my thesis I provided an updated review of the last two years of the emergency kit debate, and critisised the lack of a gold standard for household emergency kits, as well as the lack of scientific evidence of their usefulness. Through information gathered through semi-structured interviews I argued that household preparedness must be considered both dynamic and ongoing set of direct and indirect actions.


I also commented upon the status of the Norwegian civil preparedness situation, suggesting that most Norwegians have faith in their national authorities’ capability to handle a crisis and that they see little to no reason to prepare themselves or their households. However, the evidence points to vastly unprepared municipality administrations across the country.


  • Armed Groups and Humanitarian Aid
  • Cultures and Disasters
  • Disaster Governance
  • Humanitarian Diplomacy and Negotiation in Practice
  • Humanitarian Protection
  • Reconstruction and Development
  • Research and Evaluation Methods
  • Theory and Application of Disaster Management

Extracurricular activities:

  • I served on the arranging committee and facilitated a talk during HCRI’s annual Humanitarian Careers Conference